Advocating for your Child at School

Advocating for your child at school is an ongoing process. You will need to be proactive, knowledgeable and creative in looking for solutions. Building your confidence and knowledge will help you advocate for your child more effectively.

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Thriving in Regular Schools

This resource is a collection of information shared during the Thriving in Regular Schools Project in 2019. Running for 12 months, the project delivered a series of workshops to families to share their experiences, and engage in conversations about choosing regular schooling for their child with intellectual disability

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What is your child’s challenging behaviour trying to tell you?

An introductory guide for parents, family members and carers who are worried about their child’s behaviour.

It provides information about setting the scene for good behaviour, recognising triggers, dealing with behaviour issues, the teenage years, your child and the law, sources of outside help and some useful organisations.

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